Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Medical Center

Midwestern Hospital


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Turnover Cost Savings

This graph represents data from a Midwestern Healthcare Center that includes a major medical center and a community hospital.

The employees included are mid-level managers, RN’s and higher.

The cost savings from turnover in this example is $5,722,500.

Turnover Reduced:

  • Community Hospital:  57%
  • Major Medical Center: 32%

Retention of RN's

This graph represents the use of the Athena Quotient (AQ) for two years in a 6,000 employee organization that is highly dependent on customer service positions.

Training costs for these positions average $20,000 each. The organization saved $2.8 million by improving retention in this area.

Also, managers felt that the quality of the employees recommended by the AQ was excellent.

Turnover Reduced:  81%

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