Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Manufacturing Company

Employee Hiring Success Rate

The following graph is based on independently gathered data from a 5,000 employee organization located in the Southeastern United States. The purpose of their research was to determine the impact of the attempts to improve the overall hiring process. Notice that even with a comprehensive process, our Athena Quotient still produced enormous benefits.

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  1. Baseline Hiring Success Rate
  2. The addition of improved interviewing techniques resulted in an 11% improvement of hiring success rates.
  3. The addition of a comprehensive interview process to include a more thorough resume, references, background checks as well as over 25% improvement in the hiring success rate.
  4. The addition of the AQ into the hiring process still resulted in a 62% improvement over the baseline hiring success rate.

A 61% improvement over the baseline equates to an 81% hiring success rate!