Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Fast Food Restaurant

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Fast Food Restaurant

The owner of a chain of fast food restaurants was having extreme difficulty hiring quality employees. Employee turnover at his company was approximately two hundred percent, and not improving. On average, his employees lasted only six months!

He heard about our service through another business owner, and at his wits end, he hired us to help him improve his hiring decisions. Unfortunately, his HR manager was resistant to incorporate our recommendations.

The owner required every applicant to complete the assessment, but the HR manager continued to hire individuals he “liked”, regardless of their judgment scores.

The HR manager hired a friend of his as an Assistant Manager of a busy store. Immediately, problems arose. Customer complaints skyrocketed, sales went down, costs went up and within a few weeks, several good employees quit.

The owner contacted several of the employees who quit, and each of them said the problems were with the new Assistant Manager.

Digging a little deeper, the owner uncovered further problems with the Assistant Manager and then quickly fired him.

The owner asked to see the Assistant Manager’s assessment scores. Immediately he knew. By the way, within a few weeks he fired his HR manager too.

A new HR manager was hired with strong judgment. Within six months, sales were up, costs were down and turnover was cut in half. Best of all, the owner’s phone was no longer ringing off the hook from angry customers, and his stress was down.