Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Construction Company

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Construction Company

One of our clients, a midsized construction company, specializes in the maintenance of custom built machinery. They are known for their expertise in the machining, forming, fabrication and welding of exotic alloys and metals. The bulk of their work is performed onsite at their customer’s locations.

Their top metalsmith was about to retire and the owner went on a search to find a replacement. His search was made more difficult because he needed someone experienced with the welding of exotic metals.

After a long exhaustive search, he finally found a welder with the required experience. Because of the welder’s specialized skillset, the owner was going to offer him a job, no matter what. Unfortunately, the welder had weak judgments.

There are many different reasons why people are offered employment. In this case it was because of a highly sought after welding ability. Yes, it would have been preferable if the employee had strong judgment. However, by completing our judgment assessment, the owner knew what he was getting.

We advised the owner to make sure to send a supervisor along on overnight trips to offsite locations. The welder was quite a handful, regular making bad judgment calls, but with a supervisor looking after him and keeping him from wandering too far astray, the welder’s Zen-like talent working with exotic alloys proved very useful to the company.

Without knowing beforehand of his weak judgments, and therefore not providing added supervision, it is likely his employment would have been terminated. However, using the information provided by our assessment, the welder has a good job and the company has a good employee.