Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Automotive Repair Shop

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Automotive Repair Shop

Sales had grown for an automotive repair shop, to the point where customers were waiting several days for simple repairs. The owner decided to hire another experienced technician onto his team. His shop had a great reputation and several master technicians applied.

The owner’s hiring decision was based almost entirely on the experience level of those applying. The interview consisted almost entirely of “car talk”.

The first technician he hired had many years of automotive experience. However, within three weeks the owner realized his new technician simply could not handle a fast paced shop. He was constantly “stressed out” and got flustered at the smallest bit of chaos, which is a daily routine in a busy shop. Within a month his first new technician was gone.

The same thing happened to the next four technicians he hired. None of them worked out. The reasons were different for each one, but none of them worked out.

The owner heard of our service from one of his peers; another automotive shop owner who used our service. He decided he had nothing to lose and gave us a try.

The technician we suggested that he hire was not someone he normally would have considered. The technician was rather quiet and reserved in the interview and simply didn’t have much to say. He also lacked the level of experience as some of the other applicants.

However, his judgment scores suggested that he was exactly what the owner needed, so he took a chance and hired him. Yes, the technician is reserved, but relates well to customers. His lack of experience was quickly overcome by his good judgment. The technician was motivated, on his own, to take night classes to gain more automotive knowledge.

To this day, the owner agrees that this is his best technician ever, and he never hires anyone without first consulting the Athena scores. By the way, he’s hired many more technicians using Athena; he now owns a chain of repair shops.