Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

27,000 Employee Organization

Major Healthcare System

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This major healthcare system identified 10 specific areas of judgment as being crucial for the success of their organization.

During their year of testing, 5,775 people were hired and 695 were terminated. All terminations scored at least one “red flag” within the 10 crucial areas. 128 employees had between 4 and 10 red flags and 16 had 10 out of 10 red flags.

Had the organization followed the recommendations of our Athena Quotient initially, they could’ve avoided these 695 individuals. According to them, this would’ve saved them over $11 million dollars.


Nurse Hiring and Development

These results represent the use of the Athena Quotient after one year in a nursing unit with the annual starting salary of $45,000.

The profile was used to assess new candidates and to develop management and individual performance. Their turnover was reduced by 79% to only 6% over the past 10 years.

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