Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring


Two Pricing Options:

1. Per Assessment: you only need to hire a few people? This is the right plan for you.

2. Subscription: hire a lot? Our subscription plan is just right for your company.

Per Assessment

• Works best for occasional users – typically less than five assessments per month
• Assessment credits never expire – use them when you need them
• All reports are included with each assessment at no extra cost
• Administrator training included (cloud based)
• $125 to as low as $80 per assessment credit, Volume discounts


• Based on expected usage
• As low as $600 per month
• Lower overall cost per assessment
• All reports are included with each assessment at no extra cost
• Works best for frequent users – typically five or more assessments per month
• Corporate Budgeting – Fixed total cost (monthly, quarterly, annual invoicing available)
• Large corporation? No problem, tens of thousands of assessments processed with ease

Standard (per assessment)  or  Premium (subscription) Plan?

Some testing companies tell you that subscription pricing, in which you pay a flat-fee every month (or annually), is better than paying for each individual assessment. And for larger organizations processing many assessments, it is.

No per assessment charges, a set monthly (or annual) price, lower overall cost per assessment, and easier budgeting are some of the benefits of subscription pricing. Sign up right now from inside your account, or call (864) 804-5552 for information.

But what if you process only a handful of assessments each year? Rather than a subscription plan, you might prefer to pay for assessments as you use them. Therefore, we offer both pricing plans, Subscription and Per Assessment.

Our clients range from 50,000 employee organizations processing hundreds of assessments each month, to mom and pop businesses processing two or three assessments per year.

Generally, larger organizations prefer our monthly (or annual) Subscription pricing, whereas smaller companies prefer our Per Assessment pricing option. We’re happy to accommodate whichever works best for you.

And whichever pricing option you prefer, no long-term contracts are required. Our clients stay with us year after year because the Athena system works, not because you’re trapped in a multi-year contract.

Just remember, when a testing company tells you that subscription pricing is better, well, that’s because it’s better for them, not necessarily better for you. Yes, you might prefer subscription pricing as many of our clients do, but you might prefer to pay per assessment, and so we offer both pricing options.

And by the way, our assessment measures what matters most, judgment!

Still Unsure?

You might be hesitant to enter into a subscription plan until you’re sure the service works.

We understand. Athena Per Assessment pricing is perfect for you.

Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button and you can be up and running in fifteen minutes. Purchase one assessment credit and examine the results. No need to speak to anyone. You can try it entirely on your own. Of course, we’re always glad to answer your questions, (864) 804-5552. We’re here to help!

You will quickly understand the benefits of incorporating Athena into your hiring process.

So if you’re unsure or hesitant, start with our Per Assessment plan, as many of our current subscription clients did. You’ll realize the value, and then depending on your usage, it might be cost effective to sign up for a subscription plan, which you can do right now from inside your account. We’re happy to do whatever works best for you.

How much does a bad employee cost you?

Our price for services at Athena Assessment provides the realization of tremendous economic value for our clients. We do not aspire to produce incremental gains or to simply cost-justify implementation of our services.

Our price and value is set so that Athena clients achieve savings in the hundreds of thousands and even multiple million dollar ranges through savings in recruitment, training, improved decision-making, turnover, and fewer accidents. Our clients routinely report an ROI of fifty to one, and higher.

There is simply no greater augment to your hiring, promotion, and team building needs than a partnership with Athena Assessment Inc.


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