Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

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Step by Step – How to Get Started in 15 minutes

1. Create an Account

Your account is created with your initial purchase, using the yellow CREATE ACCOUNT button to the left.

You will receive personalized instructions that explain:

1.  How to administer the assessment to your applicants
2.  How to interpret completed assessments for better hiring decisions

2. Administer Assessments

You may begin testing applicants immediately.

  • Most applicants complete the assessment in less than twenty minutes.
  • Their scores are calculated immediately upon completion.
  • You have instant access to their scores and our hiring reports.

Some companies have applicants complete the assessment before the first interview. Some wait until after the initial narrowing down process. Either way works well, depending on your hiring process. Contact us with any questions. We’re here to help!

3. Interview / Hire

Better Interviews –

Once an applicant has completed the assessment, you should have enough information based on their scores and the interview questions and training videos we provide in order to make a much better hiring decision.

Know what to ask and where to probe using our Interview Supplement:

  • Over 20 pages of behavioral interview questions, extremely popular with HR and staffing professionals
  • Over 50 training videos included

Better Hiring –

No more guessing. Immediately improve your hiring decisions!

  • Athena does not take over or hijack your hiring process – we improve it.
  • Our reports reveal areas of strength and weakness – who is a good fit and who is not.
  • Hiring based on accurate predictive judgment metrics, not wishful thinking and hoping.
  • Hiring the wrong person is not good for you or them!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Volume discounts available–Assessment credits never expire. Buy more, save more.

Assessment credits are not used until the profile is “unlocked” by you.

Note: No personnel decision should be based more than 30% on any single report.

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