Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

How it Works - Overview

Why do I need to test my applicants?

The biggest decisions you will ever make for your company are who to hire, and who not to hire. Nothing is more important.

Your workforce impacts every phase of every part of your company, start to finish. When you hire the right people, your company is more profitable, resourceful, energetic, efficient and enjoyable. The right workforce can literally help you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

And when you hire the wrong people, your company is more wasteful, unimaginative, lethargic, stressful and uninspiring. The wrong workforce can literally destroy your company.

The truth is that some people are a good fit for your company, and some people are not. We’ll help you identify the right ones, and avoid the wrong ones. Because when you hire the wrong person, it’s not good for you or them.

What is the Athena Quotient?

Our assessment, the Athena Quotient (AQ), is the most effective predictor of employee success ever created, for a simple yet powerful reason—the AQ measures judgment. (LEARN MORE)

In many jobs, judgment is just as important—sometimes even more important—than job skills or talents.

  • The Athena Quotient is not an IQ test.
  • The Athena Quotient is not a personality profile.
  • The Athena Quotient is not a psychological test or an emotional balance profile.

How does Athena know who is a good fit?

The Athena Quotient knows who is a good fit because it measures what matters most: judgment.

No matter who you are, in order to be successful, you must have and use good judgment. Judgment is the primary driver of our decisions, choices and actions; it is more important than personality or even intellect.

In fact, personality and intellect have little, if any, correlation to success. Sure, at times a pleasing personality or high intellect helps, but success requires an ability to make successful decisions–and we do that through our judgment.

But most people don’t truly understand judgment or how judgment impacts success. We do.

We know the types of judgments employers want, and those they want to avoid. Our work has enriched a wide range of clients, in industries such as healthcare, retail, construction, legal, banking, education, criminal, military, technology, athletics, and more.

How long does it take?

It begins when your applicants complete our online judgment assessment, the Athena Quotient (AQ). It takes most people less than 20 minutes to complete.

Immediately, you will know the nature, character and strength of their judgment. Then, our reports quickly identify those you want on your team.

  • Hire and promote better employees at every level of your organization;
  • Lower attrition or turnover—including backdoor turnover, the loss of your best employees;
  • Reduce costs associated with hiring mistakes such as recruiting and wasted training;
  • Customize hiring based on your unique “best performer” models.

We have administered the AQ to hundreds of thousands of people across a wide range of corporations, jobs and work environments.

In fact, we make hiring and promoting a measurable, and actually simple, process. We reduce the subjectivity and “wishful thinking” which plays too great a role in most hiring processes, and replace it with measurable “decision criteria”.


Are You Hiring...

Entry Level Employees?

If your company employs entry level unskilled laborers, you still want them to possess solid basic judgments, good common sense.  We’ll quickly and easily show you the candidates with the strongest basic judgment.


Managers and supervisors require additional judgmental abilities. They must possess the strength of judgment to deal with a team or group, which often includes a variety of people and situations.

We’ll show you who is ready to lead a team. For those not quite ready, we’ll help you strengthen their judgments, and get them ready.


Executive selection typically involves a group of competing candidates and requires a more in depth examination of their value structure. In this area, Athena provides a treasure trove of valuable information.

A review of the corporate executive team may reveal areas of judgment that are lacking. Athena can reveal the candidate who will best fill in those gaps, avoiding what we refer to as judgment tunnel vision in your executive boardroom.

Other judgment areas of the corporate team might be overly dominant. We’ll show you how to get them under control.

At a Job Fair?

Our clients range from organizations with less than ten employees to tens of thousands. Should your organization need to process hundreds, or even thousands of applications during job fair events, we can easily accommodate your needs.

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