Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring



Have you ever hired a “great” person, yet it didn’t work out so well? The truth is, there are many great people out there but not all of them are a good fit with your company.

Well imagine if every person you hire from this point forward has good solid strong judgment and was a good fit. Partner with Athena and it can happen.

We’ll cut through the clutter and confusion, no more guessing, no more worrying about your hiring process. You will know, with predictive accuracy that your hiring decisions are sound, and that is a wonderful benefit. Companies, big and small, love Athena Assessment!

Save Money

Employees with better judgment understand the importance of increasing sales, reducing costs, maximizing profit.

They treat customers better, treat your products and equipment better, are involved in fewer accidents, have fewer worker’s compensation claims, and are more efficient and less likely to steal and waste inventory.

Save Time

Employees with better judgment are faster and easier to train, more efficient at their work, and less of a drain on their supervisors and coworkers.

They are more likely to show up on time and manage their time well. They require less time to do the job they are paid to do.

Reduce Your Workload

Reduce your workload due to problematic, badly behaved, difficult employees. Fewer “people problems”. Enjoy better harmony among all employee groups.

Improve Your Workplace

Your current employees are happier, less burdened and less stressed when you hire better people. Employees with good judgment bring less drama. Work environments are cleaner and safer. Simply, better employees equates to a better workplace.

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