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Purchase a Pilot Judgment membership for your key employees.

Leadership requires judgment, which is exactly what Pilot Judgment is all about. No matter how large or small your organization, your workforce must possess the ability to make good decisions, especially while under pressure.

Pilot Judgment provides weekly self-guided judgment training and leadership development. Each member has their own login ID and password.

With the click of a button inside the Athena system, you can purchase a Pilot Judgment membership for your key employees.

  • First, they receive a welcome aboard email from Pilot Judgment.
  • Then, every Monday morning for an entire year training is delivered to their email inbox.

The Pilot Judgment web portal includes a vast array of information, articles, videos, entertaining judgment shows with co-host Debra Capps.

We know you’re busy.  Weekly training is quick, between ten minutes to one hour.

Quickly you will notice your employees using better judgment and making better decisions. At the conclusion of their training, you will have an entirely new employee, someone who has developed a keen awareness of the decision-making process.

For the rest of their lives, the lessons of Pilot Judgment leadership development is incorporated into their judgments as they go about the business of making decisions and choices.

Pilot Judgment membership is only $125 for an entire year. The benefits last a lifetime.

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Leadership Development for ten employees, or ten thousand

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The following applications, when combined with hiring and promoting, produce dramatic results for our clients.


Build more self-conscious, strategic and robust teams that are diverse—not limited by tunnel vision—and capable of managing internal conflict.

Strategic Awareness

Improve strategic decision-making through development of visionary, “big picture” skills, judgments that drive product and service quality and improvements in executive decision-making.

Leadership Development

Foster leadership development by identifying current leadership roles, evaluating individuals entering leadership processes and positions, and providing specific, customized development plans for leaders.

Employee Growth

Create individual development programs for every employee that are positive, rewarding, cost neutral and actually valued by employees.


Support wellness initiatives by providing information not currently available, monitor wellness tactics, and lower healthcare costs.

» Reduce stress by isolating the type and intensity of stress factors, understanding the sources and negative impact of stress and building programs to reduce stress and enhance performance;

» Spur innovation and creativity by identifying individuals who have the greatest creative potential and identifying the presence of negative inhibitors to creativity;

» Increase employee safety by identifying those with the greatest decision making risk, those most likely to produce worker compensation claims, reducing liability and litigation expenses.