Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Beth Murphy

Beth Murphy, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

As a former hiring manager and a veteran customer of many pre-employment testing systems, I learned that the only true predictor of employee success was in their decision-making process. Every other style of testing had let me down, until I began using Athena in my organization. I believed in the company and product so much, I decided to join them.

Beth Murphy grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and after living in other states for high school, college, and employment opportunities, has returned to the Tarheel State. She has experience as a former hiring manager of a chain of retail stores in South Carolina, during which time her most pressing dilemma was acquiring the proper quality of talent to staff her stores. Studying the success indicators that most contributed to long-term employment, those beneficial to both organization and employee and a positive workplace environment, she tried many types of pre-employment testing. Finding and using the Athena Assessment was a turning point in her organization’s development.

She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, double majoring in Marketing and Business Economics. More recently, she achieved senior-level professional certifications in Human Resources from both the Society for Human Resource Management and HR Certification Institute, an Advanced Certification in Ministry Leadership, and coursework in the education of 21st-century students.

Over the years, she has enjoyed volunteering in many church and civic groups; assisting with fundraising, promotions, awareness campaigns, and many hands-on volunteer efforts. Her particular interests had been in animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, and community food pantries. She experiments with creative and economical recipes, is a regular at Farmer’s Markets and wine tastings, can probably beat you at a strategy video game, and will stop what she’s doing to talk about dogs or cats with you anytime.