Pre-Employment Testing for Better Hiring

Pre-employment Testing for Better Hiring

The Biggest Decisions
you will ever make for your company…

…are who to hire, and who not to hire.


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Not an IQ Test

Not an IQ Test

Some people score exceptionally well on an IQ test and are extremely book smart, yet have little common sense, wisdom, or savvy within the workplace. To be successful, you need more than intellect, you need well-developed judgment.

Not a Psychological Test

Not a Psychological Test

Our assessment was not designed to determine, nor does it measure, psychological dysfunction. We do however, provide valuable information about the impact of four different categories of stress. Stress causes more lapses in judgment than does psychological dysfunction.

Not a Personality Profile

Not a Personality Profile

Personality profiles suggest that certain personalities result in certain competencies (or lack thereof). In fact, people routinely overcome supposedly ill-suited personalities and perform excellent work. Personality does not predict performance, whereas judgment does.


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Hire your next applicant based on what matters most…
…their judgment.

Success Requires Good Judgment

No matter who you are, the key to success lies in having and using good judgment. Judgment is the primary driver of our decisions, choices, and actions; it is more important than personality or even intellect.

In fact, personality and intellect have little correlation to success. Sure, at times, a pleasing personality or high intellect helps, but success requires an ability to make successful decisions–and we do that through our judgment.

Judgment is neither abstract nor arbitrary. Judgment can be measured, understood, and improved. Judgment has specific components and a defined structure.

Athena Assessment Inc. has worked with thousands of companies, big and small, to improve their hiring processes, helping them identify individuals with good judgment who will “fit” within their workforce.

Our clientele is diverse and inclusive, ranging from doctors, nurses, and Fortune 500 executives to small business owners, ambassadors, and movie stars. We’ve also worked with teachers, military veterans, engineers, athletes, artists, priests, celebrities, laborers, homemakers, bankers, college students, pilots, mechanics, prisoners, coaches, retirees, and wandering souls. No matter who you are, we are here to help you.

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Better hiring involves judgment.

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Better hiring involves judgment

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