The AQ Premise

The premise of the Athena Quotient is simple and straightforward: the AQ measures, with statistical validity, the vital factor of good judgment, the critical driver in accomplishing desired outcomes in business and life. The following model illustrates our premise:

Skill Set Competency + Efficient Processes + Quality Information
X Good Judgment
= Desired Outcomes

Business and not-for-profit enterprises spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on skills training, process improvement, and information. It is true that improvements in each of these areas contribute to more desirable outcomes and that these variables can be improved.For much of corporate America this has been the major focus of improvement efforts and is often considered the basis for creating a competitive advantage, no matter how fleeting or incremental these efforts may prove to be, often at great cost.

Athena Incorporated is about something else, something more. We are about the measurement and improvement of judgment—judgment which can produce not simply incremental improvements within an organization, but quantum leaps. In other words, human judgment can dramatically increase or decrease all of the other investments an organization makes.

So why not measure it, and improve it?