Manual of Interpretations

The Manual of Interpretations (MOI) is the cookbook of the Athena Quotient. Without it, you have a pile of numbers but little in the way of interpretive value. The MOI adds meaning to the numbers. We are a new company with over forty years of history in the refinement, interpretation and business application of the Quotient. Dr. Steven Byrum has devoted his academic and professional life to advancing the capabilities and potency of the basic tool. Through work with hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals, we have created what many clients believe to be the singulary, most robust set of interpretations ever associated with a tool like the AQ.


The MOI is what connects the Quotient to the real world. It interprets the indicators in ways that people can understand and implement to improve hiring practices, promotions, individual performance, team success and organizational development at all levels; not simply vague philosophical conversations about judgment, but improvements that go straight to the bottom line.