The Athena Quotient

The Athena Quotient (AQ) is a unique business tool. Simply put, it is the most effective predictor of employee and executive success in use today. But that's only part of the story.

The AQ is unusual because of its incredible predictability. It isn't an intelligence test and it isn't a personality profile the two most common types of employee tests used in corporate America. In fact, the AQ is not so much a test as it is an activity. Prospective employees, current staff and senior leadership do not feel intruded upon, judged, or for that matter, tested as they often do with more standard assessment methodologies. The AQ isn't laborious or intimidating. Most people complete the AQ in less than fifteen minutes.

3 minute training excerpt by C. Stephen Byrum, PhD

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Athena Quotient and the Current Economy - 2009