Under The Hood

The AQ is a powerful engine. It runs on one of the most efficient and elegant discoveries in statistical theory developed in the human sciences. The initial development work was begun by the Nobel Prize-nominated scholar, Dr. Robert Hartman and has continued with Dr. Steve Byrum for the past 35 years.

The Athena Quotient Assessment Instrument Methodology – How It Works?

A set of phrases have been devised representing degrees of positive response within each of three dimensions. Individuals who take the AQ simply arrange or “stack” the phrases in the order they find most pleasing from positive to negative based on their value judgments. This activity is repeated twice, once to measure the external or work-side judgment and a second time to measure the participant’s internal or self-side judgment.


This simple activity, usually taking less then fifteen minutes, yields an amazing array of information. We measure over seventy different indicators directly tied to decision-making and the underlying values, experiences, and judgment that affect decision quality. What’s more, by studying the interaction of the individual indicators, our consultants can understand the patterns that describe behavior. We help employers and employees understand their tendencies, suggest development opportunities, increase self-awareness, improve decision-making.