Having the right people in your company is the most fundamental use of the AQ and often the application with the highest return on investment. Use of the AQ for hiring and promotion usually involves the most people and therefore represents the most broad-based use of the tool. It not only helps recruit the right people to your organization, it helps prevent exposure to the wrong people.

The AQ, combined with customized reporting and one-on-one consulting with executives, can help you:

» Hire and promote better employees at every level of your organization;

» Customize hiring based on your unique “best performance” models;

» Lower attrition or turnover—to include backdoor turnover, the loss of your best employees;

» Reduce costs associated with hiring mistakes such as recruiting and wasted training.



Athena Incorporated can develop for your organization powerful and accurate metrics that can make hiring and promoting a measurable, and actually simple, process. We can reduce the subjectivity and “wishful thinking” which plays too great a role in most hiring processes, and replace it with measurable “decision criteria”.