Additional AQ Applications

An increasing number of organizations are discovering even more profound uses of the AQ. These applications, when combined with use of the Quotient for hiring and promoting, are producing dramatic impact. For example, organizations are using Athena Incorporated to:

» Build more self-conscious, strategic and robust teams that are diverse—not limited by tunnel vision—and capable of managing internal conflict;

 » Improve strategic decision-making through development of visionary, “big picture” skills, judgments that drive product and service quality and improvements in executive decision-making;

» Foster leadership development by identifying current leadership roles, evaluating individuals entering leadership processes and positions, and providing specific, customized development plans for leaders;

» Create individual development programs for every employee that are positive, rewarding, cost neutral and actually valued by employees;

» Support wellness initiatives by providing information not currently available, monitor wellness tactics, and lower healthcare costs;



» Reduce stress by isolating the type and intensity of stress factors, understanding the sources and negative impact of stress and building programs to reduce stress and enhance performance;

» Spur innovation and creativity by identifying individuals who have the greatest creative potential and identifying the presence of negative inhibitors to creativity;

» Increase employee safety by identifying those with the greatest decision making risk, those most likely to produce worker compensation claims, reducing liability and litigation expenses.